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Awkward About Me Page...

It comes a moment in your life where you need to do something “easy”…

Answer to a stranger’s question: Who Are You and What You Do?

So, you try to keep it simple…

Because your 20yrs, 30yrs, or 50 years of life NEEDS to be explained in 30 seconds.

That sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s begin.


So, let me start from the beginning…

Hi, I’m Nicolas Gramnea!

I’m a CRO marketing consultant and a copywriter.

On this page, you’ll learn more about my work and interests…

…but everything I do comes down to one simple idea:



Every week I write new articles on a variety of topics… from copywriting, marketing, sales, to productivity and maintaining a healthy couple relationship.

You can read my newest articles every Tuesday morning.

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I’m an ardent reader for more than 5 years now…

…which means that I’m constantly exploring new books and research across a variety of industries, to learn different techniques on growing a successful business.


I help entrepreneurs develop marketing strategies that have the power to double their customer base and unconditionally sell more of their services.

I personally specialize in CRO marketing and psychological writing.

This type of writing (a.ka. copywriting) uses emotional triggers that influence and “force” the reader to take the action you’d want.


I born in a forgotten town in Romania. (Caracal)

During my childhood, I had been experiencing some difficult moments due to the fact we did not have warm water, color TV, a PC, internet, or a bathroom inside our home.

However, this did not stop me from being a very happy child.

I loved studying and playing different sport games.

My childhood was beautiful, even if I had to study on candlelight… I was full of joy!

However, Everything Will Change On The Heartbreaking Day of 3 May 2008

My parents got divorced.

I was 14 years old.

This event was catastrophically for me… mentally, physically, and economically.

It quickly becomes noticeable — my school grades declined massively, my happiness disappeared, and I started to question the purpose of living.

You want me to tell you how much it sucks to hand-clean your clothes when you’re an adolescent?

…or going to school with the same clothes day after day?

Better now… the -20 ºC ( -4 ºF) winter days where I had to walk nearly “naked” 5 miles, in the snow, to go to the school?

Bottom line — It really sucks!

My Life Will Change Again, Quite A Lot On 2012 at The Age of 18

Last Day On Romania

When I moved to the UK, to work on a farm picking strawberries.

Hard work environments didn’t scare me because, in Romania, I worked in fabrics, constructions, and digging the ground every year for planting crops.

It can not be that difficult to work on a farm, in another country, alone, without knowing the language…?


WRONG!! oh boy…

Here I had some serious military training — you had about 7 minutes to change your clothes when you get rained on yourself…

…or you can’t go back on the field and you’ll NOT get paid that day.

The day starts at 4 in the morning and you must do 11 hours shift work of speed crawling to pick up strawberry.

All this was hard, but it made me a nice butt!

My GF told me. So, it was worthwhile.

720º Turnaround On 11 July 2015

Barcelona City

At the age of 21, I arrived in Barcelona, Spain where I’m living currently with Joana.

Here I did many, many, I repeat MANY business projects, and I started to become really passionate about the subject.

I quickly realized that I need marketing and copywriting if I want to sell anything.

And here is where all my obsession began.

For you, it might not sound like many years (5), but I can tell you, it’s hell a lot of time when every day you do something that scares the shit out of you.

One of my most noticeable breakthrough and body meltdown is when (because of business obligations) I had to go to meet with different people, in person.

It can be anywhere from lawyers, team members to clients, prospects, or bankers…

These actions will literally turn my stomach up and down because of a mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement, all happening at the exact same time.

Doing Business Projects Would Take Me On A Roller-coaster

It will literally make me throw up, for 14 MONTHS every single morning.

That’s freaking 14 MONTHS of constant push, pain, sweat, and blood that I had to pay to fix my bad mindset, bad habits, and learn how the business world works.

It’s stupidly hard when you start a business from scratch, without knowing what you do, and without talking the language.

Nothing else that I’ve been experienced in my entire life will even come close to what I had to go through to build myself a business.

I had no idea what I was doing and why I’m doing it, I knew that I just NEED to do it.

Anyways, after all these projects and learning experiences I can happily say that I’m now a much stronger person and a better businessman.

My mindset shifted 720º and I even don’t recognize myself anymore.

The Village Boy Who Left His Country 5yr Ago, Now It’s Gone, Forever.

That’s nuts — how many things can change during 5 years.

Today, I’m living in one of the nicest cities on the planet, Barcelona, with the beach nearby (10mins walk) and a variety of activities.

To be honest with you I don’t even like the sun and the beach, but the sea view it’s amazing during night time.

Oh – before you go…

I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my story and that…

Everything I learn and discover on this journey I’ll share with you here on this blog.


Tap to flip

Joana and I live in Barcelona, Spain. We enjoy making cookies together, and annoy each other, every day, for the silliest things.

Stress release activities: long walks, basketball, badminton, ping-pong, bowling…

We might have a day in a week where we close ourselves on a room and binge-watch Kardashians. Having a good time together and eating popcorn.

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I'm a CRO marketing consultant and copywriter. The preeminent goal of this blog is to share everything I discover and learn with you... reading through can help you make better decisions on your business, save time, energy, and money.
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